Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sennheiser HD 228 headphone review

Got these Sennheisers just 3 days ago, and so far I am happy but not ecstatic over them. First things first, can I say comfortable? I mean it is nuts how soft these are. I did the foam removal mod which was meant more to brighten them up, but it had the bonus of making them even softer. It brings them closer to the true memory foam/real leather softness of the Bose On-Ear headphones. So they are crazy comfortable, like Hannibal crazy.

They also have very good sound isolation. It is hard to hear much of what is going on around you, which was the second factor I was looking for after the comfort for my work headphones, with all the noise going on around me constantly, driving me crazy, like Hannibal crazy.

Sound wise, they are not what I was expecting. They are advertised as having explosive bass...this they most certainly do not. Hands down. No booming bass here. I own the Skullcandy Hesh headphones, and these have pretty darn good bass, and I they are about 3/4 of the price. Maybe that is my own fault for brand recognition, thinking that Sennheiser's are supposed to be better, but regardless......explosive bass?
Sound IS very good. Turn the music on, let it play for a minute or two and next thing you know you are lost in the nice clarity and fullness of the sound, but the second you think about the bass, you realize it is lacking.

I WANT to compare them to the Bose On-Ear's I have listened to at place's like Best Buy and the Apple store. I wonder if I am fooled by how much bass they have at those demo stations. I think that they may have a headphone amp hidden somewhere tricking the unsuspecting consumer like me. Let me know if you are aware of something I am not. But at half the price of the Bose, it is a tough comparison anyway...(you can find the Bose On-Ear's on eBay for around $100 and I bought my refurbed HD 228's on eBay for about $50, which gives rise to the other question of whether mine are even real...........)

So bottom line, should you buy the HD 228's? Honestly? No. I regret my purchase.....but may keep them for the comfort alone. That and I have an obsession with comparing headphones. I currently own five pairs, all that I use regularly in different situations. I'll try to get around to reviewing all those at some point in the future. I'll also try and edit this post to add a few pictures here soon.


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  1. Toon seriously?! Five pairs of head phones? I had no idea you suffered from such an obsession... Don't worry, i'm here for you.